DOEIHU is a daily Halacha email program bringing awareness to the important Halachos applicable to the workplace, such as Kreivah, Hisrachkus, and Yichud etc. Every business day, subscribers receive an email with a brief Halacha and/or inspirational message related to overcoming the challenges in these areas while in the workplace.

By learning these practical Halachos, accompanied by relevant examples and scenarios, men and women, employers and employees, enhance their knowledge and learn which conduct is permitted, what is prohibited, and when one must seek Rabbinic guidance.

In just a short period, thousands of men and women worldwide have subscribed to the Daily Halacha email program. Joining is free of charge, and the emails are available in both English and Yiddish. Feedback from hundreds of readers is testimony to the new, and renewed, awareness that the emails have brought in these Halachos, preventing them from unwittingly violating serious prohibitions.
Through learning the Daily Halacha email, one gets a chance to study these laws, which is a mitzvah of Limud Hatorah, as well as enhance their knowledge in the aforementioned halachos, which many may be unaware of. This also applies to those who, although very well aware of the prohibitions of Kreivah L'arayos and Yichud, are unaware of the extent of its relevance to their own daily lives.

The content of these emails was written and reviewed by Talmidei Chachomim and renowned Dayanim, and is under the guidance of the renowned Posek Harav Yechiel Mechil Steinmetz Shlit'a, Dayan of Kehillas Skvere BP and author of Shu't Meishiv Nevonim.